Setting standards

To act fast, flexible and meet the requirements we put a great emphasis on quality. This not only shows in the comprehensive qualifications of our staff, but also in the compliance of all standards regarding environmental and quality management as well as  occupational
safety and health management system.

// Standards

All facilities, procedures and operations at N*ICE are subject to strict quality management (ISO9001) which is constantly adapted to changing demands. Furthermore we are certified in environmental protection according EMAS/ISO14001. Compliance and privacy management systems are implemented likewise and realized consistently.

// SAE standards

Especially in aviation the existence of safe systems is of enormous importance. Through the SAE standards guidelines are set - e.g. for aircrafts, de-icing fluid, de-icing pads and procedures – which possess international validity. N*ICE actively helps designing these guidelines and is part of several committees and workgroups.